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Disadvantaged orphans often do not believe nor in themselves nor in justice, they see no reason to live, and adapt to their environments, learning how to survive. Skills and knowledge are passed down for centuries, from one generation to another. From parents to children. Unfortunately,the orphans are deprived of this opportunity. Among them there are a lot of poorly educated people, because they had not been given a chance for self-realization, or they went into crime.

“Father’s knowledge” is a project which is aimed at orphaned boys, helping them to love work, to develop an interest in highly skilled male jobs and to teach them how to use different tools, machines and electronic devices.

This project is part of a wider programme that aims to educate the orphans. To acquire the necessary equipment for our workshops, we use the help of our partners and engage in similar projects with other organisations.

We help to equip the workshops by providing quality instruments. When possible we also hold seminars to boost the local staff knowledge in these fields.

Objectives of the project:

  • help the orphans to love work, boost their interest in men skilled jobs;
  • the acquisition and collection of instruments of labor and spare parts for them;
  • education of orphans work with these instruments of labor and modern technology.

Participation in the project:

You could contact us and find out about our current needs in equipment and tools by writing to us: project@hvhzh.org. If you would like to donate money, please fill in the payment form that you can find on our donation page. Please make a note saying “Knowing a Father” project.

Our motto: The end justifies the means!

Thank you for your participation in the project “Father’s knowledge”!

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