MISSIONARY WORK. We use the term missionary work to refer to humanitarian aid e.g. clothes, furniture and household appliances that we provide.

We also take into account that even if we have all of the necessary means to reach our goals; we also need to finance other aspects of orphans’ life. There is not much point of providing education for an orphan, but not taking care of his other needs. So let’s say an orphan is learning in an outstanding class, but is dressed in rags and sleeps on the floor, he will be bullied into quitting by other students, who will pick on his problems. Orphans also deserve the right to have a warm bed, clothes and cupboards to store clothes, etc.

It has been found out that children learn a lot from games and toys in the early stages of development. That is why we collect board and educational games, puzzles and brick toys. Our organization also translated manuals and game rules to these games into other languages.