Our mission can be summed up with the following sentence – every orphan and child from a disadvantaged family deserves education, this includes everyone, despite their ethnic background is.

Our wish is to create and sponsor everything that is neccesary for orphans in orphanages to hold on and not to lose their confidence in themself, justice and others in this world. We also wish that negative thoughts and wrongly formed thinking about their parents, and their parents‘ faults will not hinder their chances to succed and possibly return back to their own families.

Our task is to ensure that all orphans will have good quality education and knowledge to develop and to succeed later in life.

We know that KNOWLEDGE is power. A child without knowledge is the same as the planet Earth without Sun. By providing education, we want to break the life-cycle of poverty. Only educated young people will be able to make well informed choices when the opportunity presents itself. Each of them should have the right to have:

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not: suicide, demography, corruption, immorality and meaningless existence.

We know that each person is best able to help with what he is good at, therefore it is important that each person participates in this cause. Each person‘s help is like a new letter in the alphabet knowledge of these children.

Better late that never!
Sometimes less means more!
Give knowledge – save Lives!