In our days, people keep digging into different forms of science, e.g. flora, fauna, space, and the earth… If we could only spare 15 minutes and think about our actions, we would easily conclude that in our day’s people are more egoists that altruists, sadly that is the truth.

We are who we are today mostly because of what our parents, teachers, tutor and friend have invested is us (love, time, care and money) sometimes without even expecting anything back.
We believe that KNOWLEDGE is exactly that force which drives people forward in life. Only KNOWLEDGE will allow people to make the right choice in life, without wasting time and resources.
It is absolutely impossible to choose something right when we do not know the benefits of it, which often leads us to make the wrong decisions.
On this page we would like to present how we are involved in education and development.

Regarding education, our aim is to maximize, as early as possible, orphans love to learn, and to explain that KNOWLEDGE is the key to development of every human being.
Our tasks are: to present to orphans the KNOWLEDGE about different professions, to support their choice and to help to consolidate their choice of profession. Also to develop interests to other professions so that orphans will not stop on what they have reached, but will go further. Up to this date, because of poor education in that field, 90% of orphans want to become either a janitor, or a cashier, or a building labour or a driver. Sometimes (very rarely) some managed to become a pilot, a lawyer, designer, architect or a manager of a company. We put emphasis on advanced technology and equipment.

Each orphan is an individual, who needs much attention. Without looking on ethnicity, or social class, we want to give orphans the chance to gain an EDUCATION equivalent to that of their peers.

Our organization has own specialists, but we also work closely with teachers, social workers and psychologists.

MEANS OF ACHIEVING OUR GOALS. We realize that some of the projects consist of many small steps, for example if an orphan will have KNOWLEDGE, but he will have no means of acquiring it, our efforts will be useless. For example if we teach a child writing, but he doesn’t have a pen, it is pointless.
Thus we spend a lot of time and money on this subject. We gather up resources necessary for this task:
Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases, papers, folders, scissors, glue, school bags, briefcases…