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Orphans have kept both good and bad memories of their parents. With the loss of a mother, a young girl looses the opportunity to learn how a household is run, family relationship skills and how to bring up children.

The “Mother’s heart” project is aimed at orphaned girls.

We help in equipping classrooms, both by buying and collecting the necessary equipment (washing machines, irons, cookers, mixers, sewing machines, cooking utensils and so on).

Objectives of the project:

  • develop orphan interest in work; boost their interest in women skilled jobs;
  • the acquisition and collection of necessary workshop equipment (washing machines, irons, cookers, mixers, sewing machines, utensils and so on.);
  • education of orphans to work with these instruments of labor and modern technology.

Participation in the project:

You can buy the necessary equipment for the workshop, please contact us by email: project@hvhzh.org – to agree on the details of the proposed purchase. If you would like to donate money, please fill in the payment form that you can find out on our donation page. (We kindly ask you that you would make a note saying “Mothers Heart” project.)

Our motto: The end justifies the means!

Thank you for your participation in the project “Mother’s heart”!

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