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Children often compare themselves with their peers for social, material and intellectual identity, including and especially (the place, the guests and gifts, etc.) relating to their birthdays.

Orphans do not have parents, thus they rarely get unique gifts that they want, this determined us to create a project called “BirthdaysWithoutGaps”, in which world and European leading manufactures of toys and products for children take part.

Objectives of the project:

  • to fulfill the cherished desire of the child, about which the staff of educational institutions will inform us in advance;
  • provide gifts for as many orphans as we can;
  • help these orphans to realise, that there are people who are not indifferent to the orphans.

Administration of the project:

All of the gifts (toys, clothes and other items) for the orphans will be registered in a database that is accessible to partner institutions (orphanages, schools and other similar institutions).

Participation in the project:

On our database you can find and select a request from the orphans that you like the most, and send it to our central warehouse at the following address:

Hilfe von Herz zu Herz e.V.
Project: LLGT
Sportplatzweg 2a
67246 Dirmstein

(with the following notice on that gift: “Projekt LLGT”)

Although our organization will ensure the delivery of this gift to its destination, you can also make a contribution to cover the cost of transport. We can also present you with all of the documents confirming your gift or contributing donation. For this to happen, let us know your details and the size of your contribution by e-mailing us at: project@hvhzh.org – or write it down and send it with your gift.

Our motto: The end justifies the means!

Thank you for your participation in the project “BirthdaysWithoutGaps”!

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