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Anyone, despite their ethnic origin, age, spiritual level, discipline and education, tend to make different types of faults. They will inevitably have to take responsibility for some mistakes that entail grave consequences.

In this present time, the project appeared to children, who did not see the first rays of the sun, did not hear the first words of love, and did not feel the first tears of joy. In the atmosphere of violence, cruelty, indifference, and loneliness, they have been deprived of even the basic necessities, human understanding and relationships!

We are talking about children born in prison, which mothers do not want to ignore while they are incarcerated. The situations of these children are not authorized by God the Creator. Because they are unable to adequately care for their children, the mothers regret their mistakes.

At the moment, the project is implemented in Belarus in the Gomel region and in the city of Panevezys in Lithuania. Today in Belarus, there is only one women’s prison with the children’s house on its territory. In this prison orphanage live 37 children. In Lithuania at the moment, in the women’s prison, is 7 children. All of these children, after three years of performance, are sent to children’s homes outside the prison and deprived of maternal care. After the mothers are released, they are not always willing to take the children from orphanages. This is a big emotional impact for the children.

Objectives of the project:

Providing material and moral support for mothers, and children born in prison, and children born in orphanages.

Your possible participation in the project (this can be done as follows):

  • to provide financial assistance (governed by the Prison);
  • provide all possible financial assistance to kids;
  • conduct outreach to attract potential sponsors.

Donated € 10 can provide a child’s personal hygiene within the prison for one month, or 2-3 types of new clothes.

What kind of assistance we provide now?

Our organization provides grant assistance through partners in the form of disposable diapers, pacifiers, bottles for food, pots, bibs, warm clothes and shoes.

Our motto: The end justifies the means!

Thank you for your participation in the project “BORN TO BE DOOMED”!

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